Past Chapter Presidents

65March 2024 Joe P. Barrett
64June 2023March 2024Noah Apteker
63April 2022June 2023Tommy F. Scanlin
62April 2017May 2017Taylor P. Valentine
61June 2014April 2017Gary G. Brotz
60May 2014June 2014Aidan T. Hamilton
59June 2013May 2014Eric Magriples
58April 2013June 2013Malcolm Bremer
57October 2012April 2013Skyler N. Chi
56April 2012October 2012Kyle M. Trotter
55August 2011 James C. Driscoll
54April 2011August 2011Stephen M. Lucas
53September 2010April 2011Matthew J. Schreffler
52May 2010September 2010Stephen P. Quatrani
51September 2009May 2010Michael S. Angelos
50April 2009September 2009Thomas A. Madonna
49March 2009April 2009Thomas A. Madonna
48September 2008March 2009Sean D. O'Toole
47March 2008September 2008Christopher H. Frauenberger
46September 2007March 2008Jack Jokinen
45April 2007September 2007Julian Gibellino
44September 2006April 2007Tom C. Cullen
43March 2006September 2006Alex Zaslow
42October 2005March 2006Kenny Morabito
41April 2005October 2005Byung Kim
40August 2004April 2005Bryan P. Keller
39March 2004August 2004Frank Falzone
38November 2003March 2004Daniel B. Lipson
37April 2003November 2003Michael H. Ginder
36October 2002April 2003Patrick J. Williams
35May 2002October 2002Mario G. Cimini
34September 2001May 2002Steven B. Ward
33May 2001September 2001Francis M. Herzog
32October 2000May 2001Adam M. Green
31March 2000October 2000William J. Derban
30August 1999March 2000Daniel Walsh
29March 1999August 1999James P. Lutz III
28August 1998March 1999John M. Pyne
27June 1998August 1998James W. Antonakos
26October 1997June 1998Bradley M. Wilson
25October 1996September 1997Robert L. Friedman
24October 1995October 1996Mr. Joe S. Offshack Jr.
23April 1995October 1995Matthew J. Holland
22October 1994April 1995Justin J. DeAngelis
21April 1994October 1994Steven M. LaPenna
20December 1993April 1994Derek C. Pierce
19May 1993December 1993Anthony J. Fuoti III
18April 1992May 1993Jonathan Zeidler
17April 1990October 1990Seth Feit
16January 1988December 1989Robert G. Foreman
15July 1978June 1979Jerry Wisla
14June 1973December 1973Dennis M. Sullivan
12January 1968December 1968Francis J. Jacobs
13January 1968December 1969Douglas B. Jacoby
11January 1967December 1968Joe P. Dascola
10January 1965December 1966Charles W. McLaughlin
9January 1958December 1958William S. Thayer
7January 1953December 1953James N. Canfield III
8January 1953December 1953Richard R. Voorhees
6January 1945December 1945Richard S. Dowd
1  Robert H. Logue
2  Robert A. Waitkus
3  Charles J. Elko
4  Joe P. Dascola
5  James Nevins

The Alpha-Tau Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Drexel University was installed as a chapter on May 26, 1939.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.